Ame, is the equivalent Nihongo word for rain.

It has been more than a month now since we’ve entered this playful rainy season –the last and final season here in the Philippines. And the fun has just getting started. They say that taking pictures while raining is one of the bad ideas because of the obvious reason that your gear might get wet. But others will say the opposite because they’ve taken stunning photos under the rain.

Here is a photo taken while raining or perhaps drizzling. I was inside my auntie’s home and her house has an abandoned sari-sari (motley) store which was converted into a bedroom where I sleep. The rain has already started and I positioned myself sitting in-front of this window-like opening. This is my place every time I want to relax my eyes. As I peep unto this window, I witnessed different scenarios where somehow I get inspired. Anyway back to this photo, I enjoyed this moment especially the moment when it is starting to rain. Everything is getting wet every second and I can hear the drizzling sound getting louder and louder. The guy wearing a white t-shirt and cool RnB hat is Mang Raul, the owner of the house behind him. He’s wandering from left to right doing something under this playful rain. I enjoyed watching him as well. As the rain progresses, I’ve heard an engine sound, it seems that this black car is slowly moving backward from the right. I was already holding my camera taking black and white photos of this SUV -you can only see the blurred back part on the right- before the rain started but it suddenly rains. I also played with fast shutter to freeze the rain 🙂 Now back to this car, as it moves backwards I was very eager to take a shot. I took a shot and I’ve taken only the back portion of the moving car. It was blurred and my focus was on the top spoiler of the back of the SUV. As the black car continues to move backwards, I can now see the front bumper of the car then it came to a full stopped while holding its engine running. The driver is waiting for something or someone. Few seconds had passed then out of nowhere I saw Mang Raul walking towards the car talking, getting or taking something from the driver. As this happens, I quickly looked unto the viewfinder, aim for this moment, set the focus and bang! After the shot, I pressed playback and examine what I have taken. I felt joy seeing it especially the zooming part. The details of the front bumper made me always say the magic word which is “wow” more often. I can’t helped looking at it from my camera up to the moment I upload it into my computer. I even made it into a wallpaper just to mesmerize myself. I think I’ve taken a shot that I will boast someday when I’m already old.

This is only the beginning. Every time I took a glimpse of this photo, voices inside my heart screams telling me that there are still more beyond what I see from this window that will delight me better than this photo I’ve taken.

Thank you so much for visiting. There are still so much to learn in photography.

Have a happy hearts everyone!

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