She look at me!

“Ina at Anak” © Masaya Street Photography | Jero Bado, the lone photographer

“Ina” is mother while “anak” is son or a daughter in Filipino.

I like this child. Even before I took a photo of her she’s already staring at me. I think this lovely girl is staring on my D7000! 🙂 This was shot on my second photowalk with my fellow Filipino Street Photographers in Quezon Memorial Park, Quezon City, Philippines. The theme for that day was geometry which is according to them was the difficult. I really have no idea what was it but I still shot everything what I desire and this photo is one of them. I really love this shot. I can’t stop looking at it from my desktop. I will treasure this.

Thank you so much for those people who like my photos. You always make me smile. I’m still a greenhorn when it comes to street photography but for those people like you who appreciate what I post here, you are making me love what I do. Again, thank you so much! God Bless everyone.

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