It’s holiday! No classes, no traffic!

I can’t play Dota 2!

It’s a gloomy holiday. No classes for students and no work for other salary people. I hoping to play Dota 2 a while ago but it seems that I’ll be music cyber-sleuthing again. I’m so glad that I found Filipino songs to love and download.

Anyway, here another photo from my photowalk held on June with Filipino Street Photographers – an online community of Filipino photographers who love taking photos on the street. I joined them after I bought my D7000. They held a monthly photowalk for the members. This was my first photowalk with a fellow photographers which was held in Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. I was very excited to attend the event. Meeting new people and the same thing we like.

This photo was shot midday. It was already gloomy and it was starting to drizzle. I’m facing the monument while sitting on a concrete bench. I’m not worrying about the rain because the place where I am sitting was under a big tree shading me and my camera. I think that was the first time my camera was partially sprinkle with rain ^^, People passing in front me finding shade from the rain. I also took shoots of them. But this was my favorite. I took two photos of these two people walking from the right and this was my last shot. I tried colored by I think b&w suits this one.

Thank you for reading and always have a happy hearts!

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