First and Last

We have no idea what we currently have until we finally lose it.

He was my late cousin who passed away because of cancer. This photo was taken almost 3 years ago when we both had our first and last photowalk together. He was involved in various multimedia works so I decided to invite him for a walk to take shots around our hometown. It was a simple invitation that yeilded remarkable results not knowing that it will be our last.

We roamed around town starting in our grandmother’s ancestral house. Just took some test shots first to checked my exposure before heading out to the streets, it’s a must for street photographers.

Test shot before the walk.

I used to take photos in aperture mode because I used to believe that bokeh shots were great. But sooner I learned that what makes a great photo is the emotion it triggers to the viewer consuming it.

Anyway, back on our photowalk. I have a habit of visiting every church of every town that I visited. Since this is the place where I was born, played and grew up, wouldn’t be nice to visit the church of my town as well? 🙂 So we ended up going to our biggest church in town. We took some shots together including my first portrait of him taking a photo of me.


Then we headed to our next destination, our town’s public market which is just one city block away from the church — actually the church’s facade is overlooking this place and the sea behind it.

The mood in the public market is already settling down. You can no longer hear the trademark noise of being inside a palengke 😄. We shoot stuff that catches our attention from kids playing with their slippers to a store tenant playing with her phablet. And we were done fishing round the place. Satisfied on what we saw and took, we decided to visit the two port in our town which is just a few walks away. As we walk a street towards the port, we noticed this household and fellow guys preparing a roasted pig!

You’ll never know what you are going to get in a photowalk. So keep on looking!

The message that I want to tell to my future self who will read this post is this. We lose someone or something because of negligence, innocence and even our own immaturity. The consequences for that will be painful if it also badly matters to you. This may already be cliché to you but everything happens for a reason! That’s how life goes so get use to it. Just keep up the faith.

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