I was recently browsing my previous photos on my photostream on Flickr the other day and somehow noticed something on my feed. I tend to take photos of kids and old people.

When I was starting out learning to take photos on the street, I often read that some street photographers like to take photos of children and old people. And here I am doing the same thing. Now I already know what they’ve felt taking such photos.

They take photos of these kind of people because it is so damn easy to have a photo of them especially children! Kids won’t complain having their photo taken. They will just ignore you or just stare at you blankly thinking why this handsome guy is taking a photo of me 😄 On the other hand, old people will do the same thing.

Children and old people are the demographic endpoints of our society. You got the endless possibility of opportunities that the young ones might have someday and then you got the vast proven wisdom and life lessons behind those wrinkled skin of the old ones. I was thrilled with this kind of idea. It made me realize that going outside in public taking or not taking photos is an opportunity to learn something from them. It urges me to be engage with this kind of people and somehow be a glimpse part of their lives.

This post is going deep by now so I need to end this and the mosquitoes are now sucking my blood! (currently writing this post in the riverbanks of Pasig river). I’ll share soon my journey with this kind of thinking. Have a happy weekend everyone, we deserve this! Mata ne!


3 thoughts on “Endpoints

    1. Thank you Sir Elmer! Nasa Manila po ba kayo? Pwede po ba makasama sa mga photowalk nyo? Sagot ko na po pang-kape nyo 👍😆

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