I’m not good in speaking any of my thoughts and feelings but my photos will certainly tell you who I am.

Welcome to Masaya Street! – a blog dedicated to showcase my journey in digital and analog photography.

I’m Jero Bado, your photographer currently based in the metropolis of Manila, Philippines. My type of photographic work is a blend of Street and Travel photography. The aim is not to get the best shots or capture the infamous decisive moments coined by the masters but to simply be present, engaging with the people you don’t know, enjoying the scene and getting back home in one piece! Taking a shot is optional, how I get to somewhere is my reward.

When I’m not in the mood holding my camera to shoot and not travelling, I waste my time lurking and contributing my coding projects on GitHub while listening to podcasts about entreprenuership, science, self-development, finance, fitness and relationships. You can also find me killing creeps in Dota 2 or shuffling decks in Hearthstone in the world of online gaming.

I think that’s it for me to say. Thank you for visiting my blog and hope to see you soon as I wander the wondrous streets of the Philippines.


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